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Premium All-in-One Hi-Fi System OTTAVA SC-C550

All-in-one micro system assembled under perfect harmony of Hi-Fi and stylish in truly essential compact design.

Twin Power Supply Circuit System

Regular power supplies use one transformer to supply power to the amp, CD drive, and digital circuits, and so if there is any load fluctuation or if noise occurs on a circuit, other circuits are affected, which results in degradation of the sound quality.
This power supply system includes independently installed switch mode power supply circuitry for the amp and the other circuits, which eliminates mutual interference, thereby reducing degradation of sound quality caused by noise or power supply fluctuations.

Bi-amp Structure for Separate Amplification of High-and Low-frequency Sounds

The bi-amp operation achieves the ideal speaker drive by eliminating electrical interference between high-frequency speakers and low-frequency speakers.
The DSP system separates high frequencies and low frequencies using a high-precision digital crossover biquadratic filter that enables a highly accurate crossover not possible with built-in speaker network circuits.
Independent full-digital amps for high frequencies and low frequencies completely eliminate electrical interference between tweeters and woofers.
The bi-amp structure provides ideal drive power to the speakers.

Battery Driven Clock Generator

In digital audio, improvement in the precision of the clock, which serves as the reference for operation, is extremely important for achieving high sound quality.
But noise from the power supply for the clock circuit can become an issue. Technics employs the battery-operated clock circuit that was used successfully in our analogue amps in the past.
As a result, clock precision was improved, realising a more defined sound presence and superb spatial expression.

Music will Sing

Ordinary compact speakers are generally unable to provide a powerful bass.
The OTTAVA™ speaker system has two woofers arranged symmetrically to reduce cabinet vibrations. Its spiral acoustic ports provide a rich bass from a limited cabinet space.
This speaker system delivers high-quality bass that is unimaginable from a speaker system with such a small cabinet.
In addition to a powerful, robust bass, the speaker system must deliver everything from high to low frequency with no delay so the listener feels surrounded by clear, high-quality sound.
Because the directivity of sound differs depending on the frequency range, the OTTAVA™ speaker system emits low-/mid frequency sounds and high-frequency sounds differently. Low-/mid frequency sounds are diffused by a reflector.
For high-frequency sounds, tweeters are arranged in a multi-angled configuration. The shape of the speaker cabinet is designed to prevent the high frequency sounds from interfering with the sounds from the other drive units.
This eliminates sound degradation and delivers high-quality sound to the listener regardless of the listening position. These advanced sound technologies are packed into a truly essential and high-quality enclosure that is also appealing to the eye.

Spiral Tube Twin Drive

From its compact speaker system, the OTTAVA™ delivers a powerful bass that previously could only be produced by larger sized speakers. Each speaker enclosure contains two small-diameter 8-cm woofers (Twin Drive) to secure a sufficient diaphragm area to produce high sound pressure.
They are arranged vertically to reduce the speakers footprint (110 x 110 mm). One of the characteristics of the bass reflex speaker system is that the bass reflex resonance frequency reduces the diaphragm‘s excursion while increasing the sound pressure.
By setting the bass reflex resonance frequency at a low 40 Hz, the amplitude of the diaphragm caused by low frequencies is effectively suppressed. The bass reflex port length is 450 mm with an enclosure capacity of 800 cc. The resonance frequency is set to 40 Hz.
As a result, the speaker system reproduces a powerful bass from the compact enclosure. To install the long port in a small enclosure, Technics employed a Spiral Acoustic Tube with a port bending radius made as large as possible in order to prevent the high-speed sound flow inside the port from generating air noise.
The built in DSP controls the low frequency extension to minimise any distortion caused by extreme movement of the cone.

High-Linearity Woofer

The OTTAVA™ features compact, linear-drive woofers capable of reproducing bass sound with minimal distortion. To reproduce powerful bass, the amplitude of the diaphragm must be large. However, if the speaker‘s drive force is nonlinear, distortion increases, resulting in the degradation of sound quality.
By using a narrow precision wound voice coil, even during large cone excursions the voice coil remains in the area of highest flux within the magnetic gap. This coupled with the use of a high-energy neodymium magnet keeps the woofer operating in its linear range.
Giving low distortion and high-quality sound. In addition a high-elasticity rubber surround is employed to further reduce distortion and improve the quality and power of the low frequency sound.

Digital Noise Isolation Architecture

The OTTAVA™/SU-C550 receives audio signals from various digital content devices, such as NAS, PC, USB memory devices and digital interfaces. Because many of the digital content storage media are designed for use with PCs, low noise – which is required for pure audio reproduction – was not the main design concern.
To handle these often noisy sources, the OTTAVA™/SU-C550 isolates the interfaces for these media to exclude external electrical interference, and also employs a jitter remover(includes JENO-LSI), thus offering clear and stable sound, free from noise and distortion stereohouse vaneeckhout frans roeselare hifi tv